Many of our services have standard prices.
The price of some of our services is dependent on the time and product required. These prices will have a ‘from’ prefix or a price range. A firm price will be given after consultation but before the service commences. Should you not wish to continue with the service there will be no charge for the consultation.

Hair Cut - Hair at the Terraces

Cut & Style

Ladies Cut and Style

Senior Stylist $90
Restyle – When you want a complete change From $90

Services for Men

Cut and Style $45
Clipper Cut $25
Cut and Camo Colour $100
Camo Colour only $80

Teens (15 – 18) Cut and Style

Girl $65
Boy $35

Child’s Cut and Style


11 – 14 $52
7 – 10 $42
3 – 6 $25
0 – 2 $15


11 – 14 $32
7 – 10 $30
3 – 6 $25
0 – 2 $15


A treatment is all about the health of your hair. The active ingredients are scientifically chosen to strengthen your hair. Particularly important when making changes to your hair colour. Your stylist is trained to advise you which treatment will be best for your hair.

Chemistry Shot from $25
PH Bonder (Price does not include a Blowdry) from $50

Hair Coloring - Hair at the Terraces

Chemical Services*

We are happy to estimate the price of a service based on a verbal discussion however all estimates will be reviewed at consultation. At the time of service we will confirm the price before commencing the treatment.

PAC – Price At Consultation


Full Head Bleach and Tone PAC
Full Head Bleach and Tone Regrowth From $150


Without colour With colour
Top-Section Foils from $85 from $130
Half Head Foils from $130 from $180
Full Head Foils from $170 from $210
Partial Foils – up to 5. Price per foil $15 $15
City Beats Top-Section Foils $65


Permanent colour – global From$110
Permanent colour – root retouch from $95
SEMI-Permanent colour from $80
Colour Correction PAC


Extra product (for thick and/or long hair) from $20
Toner from $25
PH Bonder with colour from $30

*There is an additional dry off charge of $20 for colour only services. Styling Services

Hair Styling - Hair at the Terraces

Styling Services

Our prices for Styling services reflect the time your stylist spends with you.

Ladies Blow Dry

Short $45
Medium $50
Long $60
for extra styling, e.g. adding curls to dry, straight hair from $10

Dry styling

This is a no-wash 15-25 minute service to take your everyday look to another level. Ideal for any occasion where you want to look your best but haven’t the time for a full service.

This service is only available when you arrive at the salon with clean dry hair.

Straightening from $35
Curling from $40


Standard from $95
Complex from $120
Bride and party PAC

Treatments (Also see Cutting Services)

Chemistry Shot From $25
PH Bonder (Price does not include a Blowdry) From $50


Keratin smoothing Your first application includes a Shampoo & Conditioner to take away PAC
Permanent Straightening Includes Cut and Blow Dry PAC


Top only with Cut and Blow dry from $185
Full Head – Cut and Blow dry NOT included from $200
Spiral Perm $500